Introduction To PCDA

The PCDA means Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy) is an organization that has a big and main role in the audit and other financial needs of the navy. It has a long history as it is the one that handles the role since the time of the British Empire. It is originally known as the Principal Controller of Marine Accounts. The organization has gone many challenges and it has also had many developments implemented to make the organization competitive and up to date.

The PCDA has not just changed the title but it has also changed in its many aspects so it has attained growth that is evident not just the building of the company but also to his employees. The one that mainly drives the organization is to provide an excellent service and amazing performance to satisfy the needs of the clients. The procedures were updated and are more organized that it is one who adapts to the current situation.

In the physical aspect, they have a modernization process where they had linked their three offices altogether so they could process and receive documents and data that are needed. One of its accomplishment is receiving an award due to its practice in giving salaries to the personnel of the dockyard and the other units in the appreciative ways and accordance to the standards. Though the organization has focused on the financial part of the navy, it is one that is essential so they make effort to provide the needed services.