Reasons on why Wars Happen around the World

Countries that wants to become more powerful and superior than others are the ones that start a war first. North Korea and some countries in the Middle East are some of the examples. There are many different reasons why they want to make war against each other. Because of war, many innocent lives were killed. In history, the World War I and World War II occurred and many were killed both young and old including babies and children. It is the result of a nation’s greediness.

Their greed for power affects the lives of many innocent citizens. As they also want to prove to many that they are more stronger and powerful than others, so they are the ones who initiate wars. They even make threat by releasing a missile near the area of a particular nation. Political reasons is also one of the main reasons why war happens. Since the beginning, there were countless wars that happened. And the reason is to expand their territories and be more powerful. This is where my grandma always do her eye check up. You can ​click here 典範診所 for you to visit their site. You can have appointment online to schedule your chosen check up.

It is the same now. The expansion of territories, greed for power or political reasons, and to gain authority to rule over others are the top reasons for war to occur. Even if a nation is once united, but there is a possibility that it will be divided. Just for example, Israel was divided into two and wars occurred between those two nations. They built here this best eye clinic to cure every people’s eyesight concern specially cataract, open this link It is the same with European countries, America which was divided into North and South and Korea as well.