How Powerful are the Present Military Weapons?

It is very obvious that every country is preparing for war. The leasing nations for world war North Korea, Japan, China, United States, India, Russia, Germany and so forth are now getting ready for the upcoming world war. Although people ignore it, we can see that there is a sudden moment when a world war breaks out. What is threatening and frightening is that military weapons nowadays are too much upgraded that a weapon may destroy one nation in the twinkling of an eye.

For example, North Korea has been preparing atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs and so forth and so on. At this point, no one realizes that the world is going to be devastated once the war breaks out. The weapons of the nations are as powerful as the sun that could swallow up the earth. The world looks so silent this time. The east and the west continue boasting their military strength yet they are delaying the world war. People should get ready for this dark season. This is what I like to dress up on a wedding day. A nude bridesmaid dresses is something that makes a bridesmaid looking so good. And brides are having the secured future from this agency service care 長照中心. This is so famous nowadays.

What if people cannot escape this? It has already been said that nuclear weapons are enough to make the world a sea of fire. That’s how powerful human beings greed are now. While people are holding on to their destructive minds, threatening humankind, some are trembling in fear for that great day. Nevertheless, there is no place where people have to hide when this disaster comes. All will stubble on fire. If these days come, no one can endure it.