Functions of PCDA

The PCDA has its own specific functions to fulfil that is why it was established. For your understanding, let us go through some of it. The PCDA was established so that it could deal with the computation, recording and payments of the salaries, wages and allowances of the Naval Civilians, and the Coast Guard employees. It also includes coverage of the industrial employees of the naval dockyard and also other organizations. It has also the responsibility to do the audit of the salaries and allowances of the officers of the navy and the sailors.

They are also the ones who will perform the audit work for the payment to be given as personal claim and the long-term advances of sailors and the officers of the navy. The PCDA is also responsible for the payment of the different bills like the ones for the naval stores, the repair expenses for the ship, the rations, and other things. Aside from those the PCDA also impose sanction into the assignment of cash to the coast guard and naval ships and also the money warrants into the various establishments.

They also are also the ones who will monitor the budget established and see if the expenditures are of importance to the operation and are within the budgeted amount. They also do the internal audit of the financial status and performance of the Naval and the Coast Guard and also its establishments. They are the ones who do the cost accounting of the naval dockyards and the shipyard and also auditing it.