Featuring the best Indian weapons for war

In every country, one of the most concerned parts is its security. As the world is divided into countries with their own wishes and wants, itis a fact that one nation should be able to defend itself. From the past, there have been many wars that had happened and we know many at this times. The wars have inflicted much loss, and pain and many things that also hinder development. Now there is still the presence of war and so many countries are making their own weapons.

In the part of the Indian nation, they also have their own contribution to their defence system and that are the weapons that had been developed or made in India. In the video above the paragraph, you can see the different weapons that are from the country of India. It is a nation that has also its own challenges but also has its own achievement. As it has many people to protect, the government spend money to also upgrade its defence system to be able to protect itself.

There are many nations and they have their own defence system. They also develop it but they could also help another nation for their safety. Countries also have their own allies that help them in times of war. They can also exchange or support each by giving them equipment or weapons of war.